• Gráficos S.R.L.: Web-based information management system. Business plan analysis [go to website]
  • Valdivieso y Debandi S.R.L.: Assistance and coordination in residential neighborhood construction
  • Pogumat S.R.L.: Analysis of process and built environment. Complete intenal documentation under continuous improvement protocol.
  • Jesús Viciana: Blueprint for a photovoltaic plant
  • Private: Blueprint for processing plant and packaging of mineral water
  • Alejandro Feijes: Development of web applications.
  • Viña Montpelier S.A.: Improvement of technical processes and equipment maintenance.
  • SEIContreras Ingeniería: Socioeconomic prospecting for the provision of fixed process equipment to the mining industry in San Juan province.
  • Goverment of San Juan province: Inconvenients analysis for grape juice productive chain and possible solutions
  • Gama S.R.L.: protocol and system for ordering, inventory and product releases . [go to website]
  • Aguilar Informática: stock management website. [go to web site]
  • Facultad de Arquitectura Urbanismo y Diseño - Univ. Nac. de SJ: Ontology, Protocol and document management system.[go to web site]
  • Macar S.R.L.: Failure and effects modal analysis for general procedements and products. [go to web site]
  • Jaled Winery: HACCP and Food products Good Practices Norms implementation. [go to web site]
  • Orandi y Massera S.R.L.: Re-investment project for distillery, under several quality standards
  • Ferrocón S.R.L., for Pismanta hotel:Food products good practise norms implementation at kitchen design
  • Proditec S.A.: (airport equipments), fabrication plans correction of ZIPE company (Germany) Ref. raw material storage tank for Rayén Curá – Saint-Gobain
  • Montar S.H. (industrial mounting): Plans for refrigeration fluids piping and pressure air at Rayén Curá. Project of containers of recyclable glass bottles
  • ASA S.A. (winery machines): Plans, project and mounting of machines, interchangers and several accessories for grape industry
  • DIME S.A. (High complexity industrial services) Construction plans for IMPSA, port cranes for Malaysia and India
  • M.A. Industrial (machines and industrial services) Production coordination. Technical writing, plans correction, clients relationship management
  • Rayén Curá: Spare nationalization program. Inspection machines spares improvement project. Structure plans for refrigeration tower maintaining. Enlargement of liquid glass platform
Patricio Cardó 2009