Investment development, from plan confection to diary task specifications, must be communicated. A good communication is which deliver through appropriated channels and in a correct manner, that is why it is necessary that there are transference processes (meeting, expositions, classes, etc.) as soon as documents where is represented the information to communicate. Documents that must be accessible, predictable and agile.

At Decumano we develop for the basic information model to the client specific redaction, including necessary applications for manage the information.

Among documents service results are:

  • Operative guides and handbooks: Known as internal communication, it allows those who do tasks and those who control, to diminish technical errors.
  • Manuals, presentations, plans and white pages: Known as technical communication, that company needs to relate with it's products and services users, giving additional value because it increase trustiness and decreases claims
  • Control card: Papers or forms for mobile devices that guide the task control
  • Knowledge map: Study represented with interactive tools, that shows a determinate time diagnose of the cognitive resources that a company has
Patricio Cardó 2009