Miguel Cardó

Chemical Engineer

He was production chief at D.I.S.A.(grape products) and Destilería San Juan(alcohol), Regional Manager of Orandi Massera S.A.(grape subproducts), Tameco S.A.(grape products) and Resero S.A.(wines), and General Manager of Tensioactivos San Juan (chemistry)

Currently he is independent business manager. And dedicated at Decumano to processes development and projects trading.

Ana Cernuda

Food Engineer

She was quality chief at D.I.S.A.(grape products)

Currently she directs the high complexity lab. And dedicated at Decumano to project management and quality norms implementation.

Guillermo Cardó

Industrial Engineer, Master in energetic company management

He was technical sheet documents responsible at EPSE, energy assistant at Aluar, responsible for energy projects at Dalkia and projects supervisor at EDVSA

Currently he dedicates at Decumano to commerce, investment project evaluation and process engineering

Fernando Díaz Rapisarda

Audiovisual producer y Technical Redactor

He was responsible of video production in UNCuyo, social video producer

Currently he implements information models and continuous improvement at Macar S.R.L. And dedicated at Decumano to communication supervision and information modelling.

Patricio G. Cardó

Architect, Technical Redactor, Ph.D. in Architecture candidate

Scholarship at Conicet, project chief at San Martín Call (telemarketing centre), General coordinator at Extreme Adventure 4x4(tourism operator) and developed computing systems of different size and destination since year 2000.

Currently he is aggregated at FAUD-UNSJ in research projects. And dedicated at Decumano to integrated architectures design and documentation.

Ignacio Giordano Garde

Un. Technique. in Automated Industrial Production, Technical Redactor

He was responsible of normalized documentation in GR and Orpe and technical chief at MC S.A..

Currently he is dedicated at Decumano to the information, processes and documentation modelling

Patricio Cardó 2009