Thinking about a plan is to know the own situation and to clarify genuine aims. Thinking about a plan is to imagine how to construct ideas, and thinking about a plan is especially think.

A plan will require more detail while the complexity of the investment increases. And this characteristic can vary from the simple definition of Mission and Vision, to the sophisticated risk simulation built over structural basis of the entreprise. At Decumano we help you define the detail level limits, procuring the best practice for the case.

At Decumano we advice and assist you to develop from the principles to the strategies definition, avoiding that your investment declines before starting, because the so common unforeseen circumstances that harass its normal development

Among the results of the plan support and development services that Decumano offer, are:

  • Objectives specifications: Terms, communicability, and especially coherence with those intentions that turn objectives into catchable goals.
  • SOWT, situation and system analysis: With different workings, appropriated according the case, it is defined a map with conditions, advantages and disadvantages that investment has before starting, those analysis constitute the reality dose that every plan demands.
  • Ethic basis determination: Hierarchy and relationship between institution values, are fundamental for the predictability and acceptance of the institution at its ambient. Well founded basis determinate politics that are solid and easy to follow, in consequence the objective obtaining is hastened.
  • Strategies elaboration: The intelligent use of resources allows to obtain more than one benefit for each task. For that it is necessary to know the potential of the set of resources and the relationship between them.
  • Business plan redaction for financial aid: Each institution requires a determinated format, its correct text elaboration is so important as the suitable times for necessary steps to obtain aid. Decumano offers in set the quality of presentations and the experience in the work.
  • Corporative knowledge organization: The diversity of disciplines is an advantage only if there is communication between areas. Furthermore, the individual experience can catch a high yield if it is translated to internal shared information.
Patricio Cardó 2009