principles and aims


Make Decumano a referring institution in services of investment support and standardized documentation

Basic principles

  • Promote investment and documentation good practices
  • Obstruct illegal or pernicious actions
  • Maintain intellectual and labor humility and honesty
  • Obey agreed compromises

Third party relationship


  • There is no admission for those who supports on illegal practices, that is why Decumano in every member offers and demands transparency in each contract
  • Every contract is discussed and then obeyed, procuring contractual practices that avoid injury to any part still in anticipated contractual breaks


  • Prioritized by trustiness level, pondering that is communicated before ask for contracting
  • They are avoided exclusivity contracts


  • It is respected the legal frame that is most suitable for group situation
  • It is avoided the advantage of legal emptiness that can cause damage to society

Physical environment

  • It is promoted the residue renovation and the advantage of emanations in each offered service
  • It is avoided the unnecessary paper use
  • It is incited to practice energy efficiency in industry and their building in each contract


  • It is collaborated with documentation professional formation and it is promoted relationship between educational institutions for the curricular incorporation of ethics and good practises
  • It is channelled ideas of cultural and economical improvement to the public sector
  • It is promoted the know how of the benefit in the support to the economic growth of the unprotected labouring classes
Patricio Cardó 2009