Either individual goals, or general strategies require of activity organization.

With standardised or well formed processes, at Decumano we design from simple calendars to assisted programs with methods for control and adjusting prevision.

At Decumano we have program management experience at different areas, so we can offer you direct conduction of certain works and operations, their improvement analysis or the instructions for their control and communication.

Programs service has different results that cover from the design to implementation:

  • Gannt diagrams, and investment curve: Times and costs visually organised as the result of budget, current and future resources analysis
  • Critical path, flow chart and projects organization: Detailed Analysis of times, incomes, requirements and opportunities on the path to goals. They determine strategies in graphical, written and computed way
  • Norms implementation: Definition of ordered projects to certify under several rules like ISO, HACCP, INPRES/CIRSOC, IRAM, ANSI/ISA, etc.
  • Programming applications: For web or desk support. Adapting or development. They allow from project implementation and supervision to the specific simulation for risks, including direct management of different disciplines of business, like Clients(CRM), Resources(ERP), Supply chain (SCM) or Strategies (SEM)
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