A project is a complete activity that describes what is going to be a specific work or investment.

Usually a investment project restricts to some financial topics, but this practise leaves aside the company life details, complicating the control of what was projected and the integration of areas to the general plan.

At Decumano we offer a service of project integration, creating coherence between the different disciplines and compatibility among different areas. Your project will be proposed in general numbers and designed in its different architectures as an unit.

As result of project design, at Decumano we deliver normalised documentation for:

  • Funds flow: In its different modality, showing the respective indicators (,WACC,VPN, etc.) obtained through analytic process with the appropriated complexity for each case. With total integration to the other plan's projects.
  • Space architecture: Which needs to absorb investment intentions of aesthetics, distribution, flexibility, robustness and company principles. It's internal and external impact will also respond to general strategies allowing spaces to be the company corpus instead of the building in which company set itself up.
  • Information architecture: Responding to the way of working, according hierarchical scheme, flexibility and agents relationship; the flow model, storage, format and permission over data, are designed in relation with other company disciplines, avoiding the excessive resource utilization and the unnecessary redundancy in documentation work
  • Equipment architecture: Optimal advantage of equipment resides in the subordination of it's performance to the business general performance. That is why more than procure energy efficiency and utility in each equip, it is indispensable think on maintaining, operability, reposition, personnel security, residue control, etc.
Patricio Cardó 2009